7 Surefire Ways to Control Pests Without Resorting to Toxic Chemicals

No homeowner wants to share space with a pest. These uninvited intruders can damage your property and harm your health. Unfortunately, massive pest infestations usually equate to the use of toxic chemicals. Though there are now environment-friendly pesticides in the market, they can still be worrisome, especially if you have young children in the house. Thus, it would be better to practice vigilance and prevention to avoid full-blow infestations. Here are seven surefire ways to control pests so you don’t have to resort to toxic chemicals.

Set Up a Routine Cleaning Schedule

Pests usually invade spaces that are not clean. If you want to make sure your house is pest-free, stick to a routine cleaning schedule. Always wash your dishes, empty rubbish bins, store food properly, and maintain good hygiene. Don’t forget to pay attention to areas that are often neglected like:
 Kitchen drawers
 Baseboards
 Under the fridge
 Within cabinets
 Behind the oven
 Crevices of furniture

Dispose of Food Scraps Correctly

The primary reason pests like your home are all the food! Thus, you must ensure that none are available for their consumption. Dispose of food scraps in paper bags and put them in a sealed rubber container. Make sure that crumbs are vacuumed, and countertops are wiped down. Don’t forget to clean your stove and oven, too. On top of that, don’t forget to pack all leftovers in proper containers and don’t leave pet food lying around.

Seal Off Entry Points

If you want pests to stay out, seal off all possible entry points. Remember, a tiny mouse can squeeze its body in a hole as big as a container. Pay attention to tiny cracks because ants and spiders can go through there. You can use a caulking gun to patch up any problematic areas. Furthermore, pay attention to door and window gaps. You can use weather strips to make sure your house is super sealed.

Assure Good Air Circulation

Every now and then, open your windows. Make it a point to check that your screens are not damaged to prevent infiltration. Notably, some pests like dust mites love moist and humid environments. If you want them gone, allow fresh air and sunlight to circulate through your house. This comes with the bonus of assuring you don’t have to deal with mold and mildew growth.

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Use DIY Pesticides

You can DIY pesticides with no chemicals. For example, soap and vinegar eradicate dust mites. Similarly, lavender rose, and neem essential oils ward off ticks. Peppermint oil also works wonders on a lot of insects because the pungent smell drives them crazy. Consider making homemade concoctions to keep pests away.

Try an Ultrasonic Plug

It would be handy to buy several ultrasonic plugs for your home. Keep them near entry points to ward off annoying pests. These innovative gadgets emit sound waves that only pest ears can hear. And the sound drives them away! Thankfully, your human ears don’t detect anything.

Seek Eco-Friendly Pest Control

If you have done everything possible, but pests still come to your property, you must call a reputable pest control company. If you want safe and environmentally sound solutions, you must look for a company with “green” certifications. This means they use organic pesticides to eradicate pest infestations to assure the safety of your family, belongings, and pets.

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Top rated 4 All-All-natural Therapies For Productive Mosquito Handle in your house

Mosquitoes are bloodsuckers, so They appear for prey. Generally, they’re interested in you due to scented soap, skin odor, and heat overall body temperature. It's essential to work flat out on keeping them away from your house given that they bring about Unpleasant, itchy bites that have lethal disorders like malaria, West Nile, dengue, and Zika virus.

Besides chemical fumigation, You may as well use purely natural mosquito repellents. They could not get rid of these pesky bugs, Nevertheless they push them absent, lessening the likelihood of you turning out to be their supper. Here are a few healthier natural remedies that will help continue to keep mosquitoes faraway from you and your house.

Plant Certain Flora

When you’re engaged on powerful mosquito Management, your very first line of defense is your property and entryways. It could be valuable to plant foliage that By natural means drives away mosquitoes thanks to their scent. Their intrinsic fragrance irritates mosquitoes and retains these flying nuisances off your property. You could consider planting the following:
 Neem trees during the lawn
 Lavender bushes
 Citronella grass in huge planters
 Catnip in garden
 Marigolds, geraniums, and alliums in pots
 Herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary in a very window box

All these plants offer pure safety versus mosquitoes as they emit powerful scents that mosquitoes dislike. If you reside within a temperate local climate, it is possible to bring the potted non-perennial vegetation inside through wintertime.

Burn Sage from the Garden

If you're keen on gathering as part of your backyard, pest Regulate specialists say It's also wise to have a sage plant close by. Though it might not push back mosquitoes by getting there, the leaves is often thrown into a hearth pit. After, it can emit a strong earthy scent that could Solid absent these bugs. You may also check out drying the leaves and grinding them. Then, mix the powder with drinking water for making a homemade spray you'll be able to instantly apply to your skin.

Produce a Cinnamon Combination

This spice doesn’t just do the job as a great accompaniment to apple strudel, pumpkin pie, or oatmeal. The sturdy scent of this great spice wards off mosquitoes. It is possible to test sprinkling the powder in entryways during mosquito season. In addition, consider building an answer for the skin, around your property, inside your entryways, and in other places. To generate the answer, you'll want to blend one/four teaspoon cinnamon necessary oil with four ounces of water.

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Gentle Up Scented Candles or Incense Sticks

Will you be Keeping a celebration as part of your backyard? If you wish to maintain the mosquitoes away, be much more vigilant by lighting up scented candles or incense sticks all across the location. Be sure you select the citronella, lavender, or neem scent, as these confirm to get by far the most powerful from mosquitoes. Just Make sure you hold the lit stuff far from extremely flammable issues. When carried out right, candles and incense sticks will ward off mosquitoes and established the ambiance besides.

In case you’ve accomplished every little thing you are able to to repel mosquitoes Normally, but they carry on coming back, it could imply that you have many mosquito eggs with your home. The only way you could be cost-free from these pesky, condition-bearing bugs is thru Qualified fumigation. Speak with a pest control professional to learn if this is the best Option to suit your needs.


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